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Content Creation and Social Media Management

Creating engaging content can be quite tricky. How do you get that balance of  being informative whilst making it interesting to read?


Knowing how to appeal to your customer is an art form that can take some time to craft.


I understand that, and can help you to produce content that can be used on social media and in other formats to help you gain visibility, customer engagement and help you increase your SEO. I can also manage your social media on your behalf, or create content that you can post yourself.

Creative workshops - thinking outside the box

If you are looking for fresh ideas or different ways of branching out, I can help you brain-storm ideas to kick-start you off on a creative journey and support your business.

Sometimes having a fresh pair of eyes can give you alternative ways to branch out.

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Social Gathering


Having had years of experience of arranging and attending network meetings and exhibitions, I know how to represent your company in the best light.

I can appreciate how difficult it is to find time to attend network meetings whilst running your business. Which is why it's always nice to have someone else to help you out.

Whether you are looking to find  what's out there or for someone to add extra support to your business. I can help you gain traction and increase your visibility.

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Whether you are looking for a monthly package or a one off bespoke piece, I can help. Pricing packages are available for many different budgets.